Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Does this even count?

Can you even say you have a blog when you only post once a year? Sure. Why not. That's what I'd say if anyone asked me, so that's what  going to believe for myself as well. 

My obligatory yearly post, then. To keep it going. 

I'm still here. Still taking it day to day and trying not to allow the panic that sets in when I start to think too far in advance take over. 

Loving my little family and constantly questioning if I am doing it all "right". 

Trying hard to ignore the housework that is always staring at me. (I'm pretty good at this one.)

Constantly communicating with God to find and see and know what it is and exactly how He wants me to be. 

Examining friendships and appreciating even the toughest relationships for every good thing about them. 

Remembering it's ok to question and reevaluate "who you are" often. Because we are always being molded into new and incredible beings. 

That's about it. Maybe that's why I only post once a year, hmm. What about you? Are you still there? What's good? 

Oh, in case you don't want to wait a year  to read another blog post, check this gal out. She's incredible and awesome and spot on. I like to think if I had a real blog it'd be like this, I'd write like this and be spot on. You're welcome. 

Until next time, 

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